DUNLOP Geomax MX52 110/100/18 100/90/19 110/90/19

DUNLOP Geomax MX52 110/100/18 100/90/19 110/90/19




DUNLOP Geomax MX52

Optimised braking performance and cornering stability thanks to Directional Pattern block design (MX-52 front)
Directional precision and line holding stability from Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS)
Better rear control under power, enhanced traction and improved straight line stability from staggered centre blocks
Improved slide control and cornering grip due to Progressive Cornering Block Technology
Centre blocks deliver great traction and improved wear on hard ground (MX-52 rear)
Anti-rebound rubber reduces kick back, great for harder terrain (MX-52 rear)
New side blocks improve cornering and maximise drive on hard terrain (MX-52 rear)

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